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a secure, unified platform

A Secure, Unified Platform

secure your content

Secure Your Content

Safeguard content in Highspot

Protect your content and data on our platform with Highspot’s enterprise-level security.

Because our platform is natively built, we can more easily maintain and enhance security measures throughout our infrastructure.

maintain confidentiality

Maintain Confidentiality

Manage controls on sensitive content

Apply personalized controls within your Spots, pitches, training, and content when you need to configure who can access items internally, which content can be shared externally and when access to content should expire.

stay compliant

Stay Compliant

Keep up with regulatory and industry standards

Use certain features, such as letting recipients opt into analytics tracking, to support your compliance with local regulations or laws such as GDPR.

To learn about Highspot’s own compliance efforts, visit the Trust Center.