HighSpot + Sandler
Unify Training
and Enablement
to Sell Smarter

Targeted and continuous training for smarter selling and transformation that sticks.


Sales transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Without continuous, real-time reinforcement, your reps will not sustain change beyond the classroom. With Highspot, reinforce lasting impact with the most relevant Sandler skills and tools integrated across every rep workflow. 

Bring Sandler to the Enablement Platform Reps Love

In the Highspot Marketplace, add your entire library of methodology training and resources from Sandler, and other industry experts, directly to Highspot.

Browse Expertise

In the Marketplace Storefront, browse Sandler Enablement Packages full of Highspot-exclusive content, tools, and offers. Already a Sandler customer? Find your entire paid Sandler in the Highspot Marketplace.

Add to Highspot

With the click of a button, bring the Sandler Selling System to Highspot. Install and manage your entire library of Sandler training, tools, coaching, programs, and more in the enablement platform your reps know and love.

Train and Certify

Train reps, track progress, and certify readiness all in Highspot. Analyze Sandler impact and coach reps with rubrics, scorecards, and actionable insights in context of your strategic initiatives.

Reinforce Change

Infuse Sandler skills and tools directly 
in your strategic initiatives with Sales Plays. With Highspot’s patented AI, surface just-in-time Sandler skills and resources across every rep workflow.

Drive Sandler Impact with the Highspot Marketplace

Infuse Sandler training, tools, coaching, programs, and more across Highspot workflows.

Bring the Sandler Selling System to Highspot to drive your methodology and strategic initiatives in one place. 

Reinforce the Sandler approach with relevant training and tools alongside your reps’ everyday workflows.

Leverage Highspot AI and analytics to measure and maximize the impact of your Sandler investment. 

How to Integrate Your Sales MethodologY into Your Strategy

Download this new eBook to uncover 5 key steps for syncing new sales methodologies to your big-picture sales enablement efforts for maximum returns.

Launching a methodology is just the beginning. You have to reinforce it, have good tools, and build the muscle memory. The Highspot Marketplace puts everything in one place, combining learning and adoption. It’s the best of both worlds for any leader. 

Dave Mattson, CEO, Sandler
Dave Mattson