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Accelerate Ramp-Up and Equip Reps for Success

Deliver exceptional onboarding experiences with structured courses, lessons, and reinforcement exercises to equip new sales reps with the knowledge and confidence they need to perform consistently.

Highspot Training and Coaching shortens ramp time for new reps by 19% and helps sales teams deliver engaging onboarding experiences and reinforce knowledge in the moment-of-need, all from within the same interface reps use to sell.

Create Dynamic Training Programs in Minutes

Highspot leverages easy-to-use technology to deliver training courses so it’s simple to build lessons and easy to engage reps.

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Create courses in hours, not weeks, with drag-and-drop functionality in Highspot’s SmartPages™

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Enroll sales teams in easy-to-follow, role-specific learning paths to boost training outcomes

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Elevate your training programs with industry-leading training content from the Highspot Marketplace

Deliver On-The-Job-Learning

With Highspot, you can leverage microlearning to reinforce training and accelerate readiness.

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Improve rep discovery of just-in-time learning with powerful, AI-driven search identifying lessons reps should take

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Increase knowledge retention with engaging, real-world virtual selling activities like video challenges

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Embed training in your sales plays with guided experiences and recommendations

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Tie Onboarding to Performance

Show the link between training outcomes and business outcomes.

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Correlate sales training and rep performance with analytics and scorecards

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Identify areas for improvement on the rep, team, or organization levels

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CRM integration connects training courses and content to closed-won deals to prove measurable impact

tie onboarding to performance

Shortening our ramp-to-revenue was our number-one priority. But efficient onboarding was impossible without an organized knowledge hub, let alone ongoing training. We needed a solution that could support onboarding and continuous training within reps’ daily experience. Highspot was that solution.

Liam Surridge, Vice President Global Commercial Sales, Hootsuite
Liam Surridge