The Strategic Enablement Framework

Turn your strategies into consistent execution that drive change at scale.

Why You Need the framework

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Drive Consistent Execution

Getting sellers to change is notoriously difficult. But that is the fundamental job of enablement—to drive change at scale. Doing that effectively in the service of the key priorities of the business is what we call strategic enablement.

Scale Your Revenue Engine

Ultimately, the goal of enablement is to help companies achieve business outcomes by driving change in their organizations. That means it is critical for business leaders to align internally on what those goals are and to make sure that enablement activities are driving toward those goals.

Define What Good Looks Like

To successfully drive change in the field, you first need to clearly understand what specific actions you want your sellers to do. The more detailed and specific you are about this, the better. You should be able to answer the question, “What is it going to take to achieve our goal?”

Analyze and Optimize

Historically, one of the biggest challenges with enablement was the lack of data that offered visibility into what’s actually happening in the field. Today, modern tools now give you access to analytics that measure the impact of enablement and determine if you are getting the results you want.


Strategic Enablement

The starting point for the framework is deciding what you are trying to achieve. You might want to drive a specific strategic initiative, such as launching a new product, deploying a new sales methodology, or moving to value selling. In any case, the goal is to change rep behavior.

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Call to Action

To successfully drive change in the field, you first need to clearly understand what specific actions you want your sellers to do. Fundamentally, the call to action answers the question, “What is it going to take to achieve our goal?”

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With a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, you can turn that goal into action. Systematically equip your sellers with the resources they need. Success here means that sellers can say, “I get it. I know what you want me to do, and I have the tools I need to do it.”

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Training is how sellers build new skills and master new material. Just as important, it’s also how they build confidence in themselves. You know you are getting this right if sellers can say, “I am confident that I have the skills to execute on this initiative.”

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Coach sellers on the new activities in the real world. This is usually done by their managers, who may need support to know how to do it well. The goal is that sellers can say, “I have the support I need to be successful at this new activity with customers.”

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To support the equip, train, and coach steps, you will need to analyze exactly what is—and isn’t—happening on the ground, with visualizations that help distill that data into insights you can act on.

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Business Outcomes

The reason you are driving change is to achieve certain outcomes. The more closely your metrics align to the actions you are driving in the field, the better you can measure the effectiveness of your enablement process.

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Find out how strategically enabled your organization is, what it takes to increase your maturity level, and the steps you can take to consistently and effectively drive change at scale

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