sharpen skills and reinforce winning behaviors

Sharpen Skills and Reinforce Winning Behaviors

deliver training content

Deliver Training Content

Improve Engagement, Retention, and Effectiveness

Create courses, lessons, and assessments that support personalized, self-paced sales training with content that is easy to find and always up to date. Embed training recommendations in the context of opportunities to increase adoption and impact.

structure seller practice

Structure Seller Practice

Boost Sales Confidence

Provide an environment where sellers can practice sharing knowledge and skills and receive immediate feedback from peers and managers.

Rather than have our sellers work in a separate learning management system, we use Highspot to create a training ecosystem where sellers already live, which has had a much bigger impact on their learning and performance.
Alex Whisenhunt, Revenue Enablement Manager, Dialpad
Alex Whisenhunt
onboard and up-skill reps

Onboard and Up-skill Reps

Drive Training Adoption and Retention

Simulate traditional classroom learning activities in a virtual environment to drive effective seller learning retention of skills, desired behaviors, sales processes, and sales training methodologies.

measure enablement performance

Measure Enablement Performance

Demonstrate the Value of Training

Map all training deliverables and programs back to the business outcomes. Deliver actionable insights to sales teams on training consumption at the rep, team, and organizational level.

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