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Deliver Value in Every Interaction

Equip your teams to effectively engage buyers.

Highspot empowers reps with tools to make every buyer interaction engaging. Share personalized content and connect with customers wherever they are—through email, social media, and more.

Reach More Prospects

Where and how reps get in front of buyers matters. Highspot helps them deliver right content on the right channels at the right time.

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Put pitching at reps’ fingertips using deep email integrations with Outlook, Gmail, Outreach, and Salesloft

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Capture buyer attention with pitches via social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter

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Present compelling content using native slidecasting or integrated third-party platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more

reach more prospects

Personalize Every Interaction

Give sales teams the resources they need to move the deal forward.

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Design engaging experiences with custom landing pages, micro-portals, and email templates

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Create personalized content for every buyer with inline editing in Office 365, G Suite, or iWork

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Remix content from multiple source files to craft the perfect story every time

Highspot Pitch Scorecard

Understand What Works

Understand exactly how content, plays, and buyer engagement tie to revenue outcomes.

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Gain insight into the performance of your sales plays in specific customer scenarios with scorecards

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Measure buyer activity on every outgoing pitch and understand impact with AI-driven connections to CRM

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Use Analytics to slice and dice engagement data by sales stage, pipeline impact, and more

understand what works

Our sales teams master the importance of engaging in relevant conversations with the right people at the right time, and Highspot complements our solution to track B2B engagement and connect to stakeholders with the information they need quickly.

Bonnie Bisson, Director of Sales Enablement, InsideView
Bonnie Bisson